Karentin-les-Marais. The mobile school intersects with Gwenaelle Tripon

The mobile school, to teach children from families who live in trailers, criss-crosses district roads while students travel. Olivier Deschaol confirmed for many years, in a truck antenna the mobile school, which is currently undergoing professional training, has been assigned to Gwenel Tribune, alternate teacher.

“I would like to thank Olivier Deshole: for a week, before taking office, he introduced me to the various families who warmly welcomed me, Refers to Gwenaëlle Tripon. It is such a pleasure to work with children who are always happy with the arrival of the truck. Introduce me to their daily life and every day we learn more from each other. “

In the meantime, Olivier Deschell took a leave from vocational training until 2021 to prepare kappa farrier at agricultural high school in the bay of Mont-Saint-Michel and in business (Baptiste delle Maraishalerie, in Saint-Marceau-de-l’Isle).

He explains his choice, “Out of a passion for horses and more specifically that kind of care, then out of a need to take a professional break and finally create a link between this training and my students who live in horse trailers who have farrier skills passed down to them from their father’s son.”

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Gwenaëlle Tripon with Kendjira, one of the youngest students.

Karentin-les-Marais. The mobile school intersects with Gwenaelle TriponOuest-France.fr

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