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Mars is the success of the diligent man. But let’s just look at the statistics.
The Jazero crater, a crater in a Maxi crater 1200 km away, was water billions of years ago. The NASA probe has been in the diligent abyss since 21.55pm yesterday. Traveling 471 million kilometers from Earth, it will take seven months to bring the best technology there, including a mini helicopter flying to Mars. Excellent of human technology for production, fertilization, assembly, shipping, diligence. The triumph of science, the triumph of intelligence, a song for the abilities of all mankind. Yet looking at the pictures and more of this company, we are not much dedicated. Holding the divine humor in your hands and how to quickly leaf the pages, just stop looking at the examples quickly.

For some reason, for many established and unsubstantiated reasons, the size and quality dimensions of the company escape us. The purpose of the diligence is not to specify the structure to be placed: Travel, station, the basis on which the landscapes on Mars reside. Even without looking at the decades-long plan that would lead to human settlement on Mars (Above all not yet) Enough to excite here and today: planetary distances, unknowns, vehicle, Earth-Mars exchanges (at intervals of 5 to 20 minutes to talk to each other), computing power, still unstoppable, suspense in the minutes that landed on Mars, just like in the movies True.

On Mars, search and see if there was life in another era on Mars. One of the deepest suggestions on Earth is that life on Mars is something that magnetizes all of our fantasies on that planet, sometimes with the feeling that there is something about Mars that concerns us.

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Veronica Tucker

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