Kaspersky Secure Connection: Kill-Switch for iOS

The new version of Kaspersky Secure Connection extends the functionality of the VPN service.

DrRussian manufacturer Kaspersky has announced that a new version of its VPN service is now available. Kaspersky VPN Secure Connection now has a kill switch for iOS premium subscribers – a key feature that Apple users haven’t been able to use until now. A kill switch is one of the basic functions of a VPN and prevents data from accessing the Internet without encryption and thus puts privacy at risk if the VPN connection is disconnected. But the security specialist has also worked on infrastructure and support for streaming platforms. What exactly, read below. Kaspersky VPN Secure Connection is available for Windows, macOS, Android and iOS; There are also limited free versions that limit data size, server selection, and range of functions.

Secure VPN Connection: Besseres Streaming

Kaspersky has not escaped that users use the VPN service not only for anonymous browsing, but also to activate foreign streaming libraries. In the current COMPUTER BILD test, US Netflix and Prime Video actually worked with the old version. The update should also unlock Hulu, Disney Plus, and unlock the British BBC iPlayer. In addition, Japanese Netflix should now be enabled, as well as German Netflix for users located abroad.

Infrastructure expansion: More VPN servers

The number of VPN servers available used to be manageable, but that has now changed. The network now includes 2,000 servers in 53 countries and regions, and is set to follow 17 more regions this year. According to Marina Titua, Head of Consumer Product Marketing at Kaspersky, the expansion is also due to the growing demand for VPN services due to current concerns about security and data protection: “Given this huge increase in personal data stored on the Internet and the number of services trying to access personal information, One of the best ways to protect it and prevent third-party access is to use a VPN while browsing. That’s why Kaspersky is always improving all products, including Kaspersky VPN Secure Connection.” However, the manufacturer should be measured by the promise of improvement, because when the previous version was tested In the spring of 2021, major stability issues occurred with the VPN connection. Upcoming tests will show how much Kaspersky has tightened not only quantity but also quality.

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