Netflix launches its own e-commerce for TV series gadgets

phenomenon paper house It taught us that TV series not only stay on the screen, they also continue to make an impact on the outside. And here at the masquerade parties, red Salvador Dali’s suits and masks appeared for the first time, to signal that the fan base phenomenon is not dead, but is still more alive than ever. for this reason Netflix Always attentive and insightful regarding the dynamics involving his world, he launched his latest innovations:E-Commerce.

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The giant, while watching his rivals blast off into the broadcast forest – a world now saturated – reinvents himself and sets his signature first trade. Uno Online Shop (Netflix Store) is entirely dedicated to limited-brand clothing, accessories, toys, and collectibles inspired by the platform’s contents. Moreover, gadgets will be created in collaboration with emerging designers, to simultaneously intercept and launch new trends.

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Netflix announced the launch of the new project with a post on its blog on Thursday, and gadgets of all kinds are already appearing in the e-commerce window. T-shirt e sweatshirts Dedicated to the anime series Yasuki Ed Eden. Although the store has just seen the light, the platform has already announced the arrival of a collection inspired by it lupine It will be created in cooperation with the Louvre Museum in Paris.

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Netflix E-Commerce: Currently exclusively in the US

Imagination has no limits, especially those of Netflix and the Store is definitive proof of that; Although e-commerce is currently available single at United States of America, but the company has already announced that it will soon arrive in other countries and with other sets of tools dedicated to it the magician e Weird things. An announcement that is striking up to a point considering the collaborations that already exist in the platform’s history and that come at the golden moment due to the massive increase in subscribers that occurred during 2020 (24% More). Netflix knows again that it’s never the time to rest on your laurels, but rather that when you’re already on top, you need more goals.

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