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Katsuhiro Haratha, Renowned producer Pokmon competition, Would love to create a sequel to this lucky fighting game that blends Pokமொmon with Deccan’s dynamics and style. However, unfortunately, he is not the one who decides, and neither is Bandai Namco Nintendo e Pokemon Company.

Talk about it Twitter Harata is the one who will openly respond to the fan who hears some news about the game. Or rather, if it’s about “A special celebration of these two great series or a game that could return with a sequel in the future“.

Harata’s answer is gone Direct focus: “We have a good relationship with Nintendo and Pokemon Go, and have received great response from Pokemon fans, so I would love to do another one. But it does not depend on what we decide, but on what they determine. “

A pretty clear talk: as he and Bandai Namco work on the game, creating a possible sequel is not up to them, but up to Nintendo and Pokemon. However, this should be included, Harata himself noted Two products: First, there are better relations between the parties, and secondly the public reception was good.

So, if ever there was to be a sequel, the doors of Bandai Namco and the famous maker of Deccan would be open. Could this be a way to expect some announcement? On the other hand, we will celebrate next month 25 years of Pokemon And the announcement of a game like Pokmon Match 2 would be perfect for this occasion.

If you want to know how it is, we leave you to our review of the Pokmon competition for the Nintendo Switch.

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