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sEliminate high-quality technology awards for comfortable gaming! Answer today’s question on the gaming calendar and with a little luck, you can win the One Gaming Chair Snow from One.

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Der One Snow im Detail gaming chair

Well padded for the next adventure games! Regardless of whether you prefer strategy games like “The Settlers 7” or action games like “GTA 5” – the Snow from One Gaming Chair impresses with its stylish look and comfortable seating experience and is ideal for relaxing gaming sessions as well as all the other games. Appropriate activities in the office. The comfortable office chair is made of durable synthetic leather and has a lining for the seat and back. It also has several adjustment options to perfectly support the back and neck muscles. For example, you can adjust the armrest height or the angle of the backrest to find the best position for your comfort. All in all, the chair is adjustable in height by seven centimeters and has a tilt mechanism with which you can gently lean forward to the screen without having to take on an unhealthy back position. The Snow by One Gaming Chair can withstand loads of up to 100 kg, and is easy to clean and easy to maintain.

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