Kaza Kajami-Keane (Le Mans): “I am a playmaker in the literal sense of the word”

The son of a Jamaican, Spanish and Canadian born in Ontario, an English-speaking country, Le Mans leader Casa Kagame Kane gets in French, as he asserts in MSB website.

“Yes, I speak French, but I will not say that I speak it well. I understand when people speak to me in French, but I am not very comfortable speaking French … (in French) I speak with my team mates in French, but sometimes I have problems with some words that I do not know to say what I want, and my French vocabulary is very limited, so I prefer the answer in English. “

When asked why he chose MSB in the off-season after playing in Europe in the Netherlands and Denmark, he replied:

“First, the coaching staff. I felt it was a strong and serious team that knew where they were heading, which made me feel instantly comfortable. I told myself that MSB is a place where I can advance and win matches in a tournament higher than the one I already knew. I liked Elric’s word. (Editor’s note: DeLord, the coach), and I have never been disappointed with his training method, his style of the game and the players. After that, I think the French championship is one of the strongest tournaments in Europe, especially in terms of intensity: there are a lot of strong teams here. Finally. I was told the city was nice, not too far from Paris if I wanted to. JD Jackson, an assistant coach with the Canadian national team, told me that the city is very fun, the club management is excellent and the fans are true basketball fans. It all consists of an attractive group. So very so I chose MSB … and I’m very happy! Besides, regarding JD, it’s really nice to see his shirt hanging at the top of the room, and I better understand the relationship between him and this club as he sees it.

In addition to his stats (12.5 points, 42.9% three points, 3.3 assists, 1.3 rebounds), the Canadian international is also recognized for his resilience depending on conditions:

“I am a playmaker in the literal sense of the word. It’s up to me to organize the game and get everyone involved. At the individual level, I am ready to do whatever it takes to achieve a team victory. If I have to focus on defending a player, then I do. If I have to score, I can do it.” I would say my first role is to be a playmaker and then bring what it takes to win and that can change with every game. I’ve always loved leaders who were real leaders: Mike Pepe, Jason Kidd, Steve Nash … Tony Parker too. Their team, they control the rhythm and do whatever it takes to make their team win. This is how I want to play. “

Photo: MSB

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