Four “new” NES and SNES games for retro fans

Nintendo Switch owners with an active online membership will have the opportunity to expand their library of NES and SNES games starting February 17. The Japanese group offers a total of four “new” classics available for download to its subscribers, which were released for the (Super) Nintendo Entertainment System in the 1990s. Now over 90 old games on the Nintendo Switch will be joined by SNES with the titles Doomsday Warrior, Psycho Dream, Prehistorik Man, as well as NES Fire ?? n Ice aka Solomon’s Key.

Doomsday Warrior (SNES)

Nintendo Switch OnlinePrehistoric man (SNES)

Nintendo Switch OnlineFire ‘n Ice (NES)

Nintendo Switch Online subscription required to download and play classics. This gives access to NES and SNES emulators, which can also be used to play past highlights like the Super Mario Bros series. And The Legend of Zelda alongside Donkey Kong, Star Fox, Kirby’s Dream Land and Co. Apart from that, the online membership offers a backup of data saved from the Nintendo Switch in the cloud, access to the smartphone app for voice chats and the general functionality to play Switch titles in an online multiplayer game. The costs are around 20 euros a year.

Super NES games for the Nintendo Switch in February

Doomsday Warrior (1992/1993) – He’s a doomsday warrior against a death squad! This action game revolves around an evil wizard who has recruited seven warriors to dominate Earth. But one of the Doom Squad resisted the impact and now stands as a Doomsday warrior against the rest!

Psychological dream (1992) – When Sayaka fails to return to reality after entering an immersive virtual world known as D-Movie, the heroes Ryo and Maria must play through a terrifying fictional game called Legend of the Fallen Capital to save them and bring them back to reality.

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Prehistoric Man (1995/1996) – The search for Caveman Sam begins to save his village! Sam lives in a village where dinosaurs stole their food. To get more, Sam must collect bones that he can use to buy food. Along the way, he will have to use a variety of weapons, vehicles, and attacks, including screams, to attack all the enemies on the screen. Can Sam get to the dinosaur cemetery and collect enough bones?

NES Games for the Nintendo Switch in February

Fire and Ice (1992/1993) – As Dana, you have been chosen by the Winter Fairies Queen to bear the power of ice magic. With it you have to defend your home, Coolmint Island, from the evil wizard Druidle and his flame! The game is known in Europe as “Solomon’s Key”.

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