Kick Shadow again from the App Store

A new setback for the computer in the cloud Shade. The service’s iOS / tvOS app has been blocked again from the App Store. Users who previously downloaded it can continue to use it and re-download it from their purchases, but it is no longer available for others.

Shadow on iPad Pro. The service is primarily designed for the game, but since we have full access to Windows, nothing prevents it from using it for anything else.

“While checking the latest version, Apple teams decided to remove the Shadow iOS, iPadOS, and tvOS apps from the App Store.”And the Shown No startup blade. We are currently in discussion with Apple teams to find out more.Without specifying the reason for the refusal, she says that she should know (Apple usually indicates in this case), but that she may not want to communicate until the situation does not get worse.

Was the shade He was already fired Out of the app store early last year for two and a half months. The editor kept it not appearing in the topic, but the iOS app Can be back Due to the disappearance of the game launcher. Apple ruled that this functionality violates a rule for Remote Desktop clients, in which case it states “Customer UI shouldn’t look like iOS or the App Store.”

Game streaming services are closely monitored Framed on the app storeSo much so, that most of the actors (GeForce NowAnd the StadiaAnd the Amazon Luna…) You now prefer to use a web application that does not require Apple validation.

It is not known what prevents the shade in this case. The last release (3.2.2) was on the store in November. It brought full support for keyboards and mice in bluetooth as well as wired, which unlocked FPS playback capability on iPad. There is no indication that this novelty is causing problems for Apple, the validation team was able to identify a previous violation of The guidelines.

Since this release, Blade has released several Beta versions of TestFlight (with microphone management, maximum adaptive throughput, and other improvements and fixes), but startup is unable to release a release update. ‘App Store as long as the dispute was still not resolved.

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