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Find all the info on Champion Xayah in Wild Rift, the mobile version of League of Legends.

Zaya He is one of the champions Wild rift, A mobile game based on League of Legends. Find all the details about her spells here, as well as the positions she’s generally played in.

Recommended build (items, runes, talismans that must be maxed out as priority …) will be added after the official release of the game.

Xayah Spells in the Wild Rift

Piercing feathers (passive)

After using a skill, subsequent Basic Xayah attacks hit targets in a straight line as they pass through them, and a feather falls to the ground.


Twin daggers (1)

Xayah throws two feathered daggers in front of her, causing damage and dropping two feathers to the ground.


Killer feathers (2)

Xayah creates a storm of feathers surrounding it, which increases its attack speed and damage. When an enemy hero is attacked, his movement speed increases for a short time.


Call cipher (3)

Xayah remembers all of the feathers she placed using her other spells, inflicting damage and immobilizing enemies hit with three or more feathers.


Fatal shot (else)

Xayah jumped again in the air, became untargetable and threw five feathered daggers that she could then remember.

The different situations where Xayah plays in Wild Rift

Zaya he is The bowler, It is usually played in Dragon / Boot Lane.

Build items and runes on Xayah in dragon / bot lane

In order to reach.

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