Kinshasa Now, a look back at an extraordinary unified virtual reality project

Crushed by unanimous jury, the virtual reality experience in Kinshasa now took home the grand prize at its last 360 Film Festival. Mark Henry Wagenberg, director, author, producer and screenwriter plunges us into a work genius, despite its challenging and lively subject matter.

Kinshasa Now, a look back at a Unified and Extraordinary VR Project © DR

From a feature film Kinshasa Kid Released in 2013 in France, the director expanded his approach with an educational project and Tran Media combining a virtual reality movie Kinshasa nowA documentary film and then a book to be released soon. The experience follows the parallel world of street children accused of being witches, being rejected by their families when they still have them and trying to break out of poverty through music.

It took Marc-Henri Wajnberg 4 years to establish this project with a total budget of 600,000 euros including Belgian aid, sponsors, and honorary support from the United Nations, Janusz Korczak Foundation and UNICEF.

In Podcast # 2 of this season, he recounts the virtual reality challenge to a director who never did that comes from imagination. A mobile cinema with VR headsets is planned to be broadcast in Belgian schools. The door is open to France …

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