Fortnite: The soccer world calls itself the popular video game!

Football makes its debut in Fortnite. From now on it will be possible to do 4 to 4 or to have shirts.


There is an upcoming Fortnite novelty. Starting January 23, 23 soccer club jerseys will be available in the game. On the other hand, no French club was represented. Not even Paris Saint-Germain. A somewhat surprising choice on the part of the developers.

Thus players can equipTheir characters are with shirts of some clubs. We will find Take AC Milan, for example Or Manchester City. News that may please most football fans! but that is not all.

In addition to these jerseys, the player will be Pele in the spotlight in this new game from Fortnite. “Celebrate your royal victory the same way Pele celebrated 1282 goals in his great career!Players can also participate in a special cup.

its name ? Pele Cup. Target ? Get an expression celebrating Pele and the group Go completely free. Even the best will be able to win a signed and personalized shirt. Very nice reward for the most diligent.

Fortnite: The soccer world calls itself the popular video game!

Fortnite takes football!

But on top of all that, Fortnite is incorporating a new island into its game. This will be about football. So it gives access to 4v4 games to compete in a frantic match. A moment to face your friends while playing Fortnite.

Use your body, Your pick, rewards, boosters and more for trying to score more points From your opponent. Each game has two rounds. The winners move to the next round of the final, while the losers compete for third place.

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So Fortnite explains this new world. Something that pleases gamers who want a little bit of freshness. Then for all FIFA fans, this mode can thus combine two of the most popular games of the moment. So have fun!