Konami confirms that the game will look like a demo when released

In a question-and-answer session where he was the sole speaker, publisher Konami confirmed that upon his release, he was the only speaker eFootball It will look more like a demo than a full game.

The news has now spread across the web, and Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) is no more. Konami, after renaming its last episodes to prepare the ground, just got rid of one brand to be reborn with another. It will appear next fall eFootball, a free game that will replace the full game released every year.


In a recent Twitter thread, the account eFootballAnd, therefore, indirectly, Konami asked questions and answers about several points that could raise doubts about the new game.

eFootball: the key is still neglected

Among the questions mentioned, what is the side that will happen? eFootball when it is launched.

Question: Is the early release version primarily a demo?

Answer: Yes, in many ways. We want people to be able to start using eFootball™ as soon as possible, which is why the launch will be with a limited number of teams and modes. The finer details will follow.

VGC It is mentioned that it will then be possible to play matches locally with a total of nine clubs, and also to face players of a different generation but from the same ecosystem (PS5/PS4 and Xbox Series/Xbox One).

In the second step, the online leagues will be integrated as well as the mode which should take over the myClub structure. Multi-platform meetings and a seasonal pass system will also be put in place. During the winter, iOS and Android players will be able to join cross-platform games and esports tournaments will be launched.

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It is expected that some of the content provided will be uploaded after launch, including the holy master league which, for many players, has been the primary motivation for joining the latest PES game.

eFootball It will be launched first on PlayStation 5, 4, Xbox Series X/S and One as well as PC. IOS devices will follow in Android, unlike Switch which will not host the title. Is it too bad for a program that should become practically inoperable once its expiration date has passed?

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