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Abandoned e Silent Hill Constantly thickening. We do not know how much truth there is in all the theories that have arisen in these hours, everyone, Gonami Below, they parade a bit For example, the Japanese publisher continues to deliver new Silent Hill products through his store’s official Twitter account these hours,Coming soon“, Coming soon.

So, this is another reference to the Silent Hill series. For months, in fact, under the supervision of Hideo Kojima, there has been talk of his return. The story has become even more complicated since it was mysterious in these hours Abandoned, A game highly inspired by Konami’s Classic, and its development team seems to be leaving many traces leading to Silent Hill and Kojima. Add the same game design that Konami returns to follow on Twitter, the idea that Sony is staying there with Geoff Keekley and the cat promising that niche and innovation.

If you add to this gonad that regularly posts photos of merchandise related to Silent Hill, the situation becomes confusing. Also, once it may be a bug, but doing it a second time without anything definite behind it Courage, Because it easily turns into a nice boomerang.

Regardless of that Parsley Jeff enjoys creating chaos.

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Veronica Tucker

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