Kooples relies on a mobile wallet to boost customer engagement


Laëtitia Baglan (The Kooples): “With the wallet, we are completing our one-to-one calling system with a new mobile channel.”

French fashion brand The Kooples has chosen to use mobile or wallet apps as a new channel for customer engagement, building on the Captain Wallet solution.

Media fameAs part of its customer relationship program, the French fashion house The Kooples has chosen to rely on mobile wallets, and native wallet apps, in order to interact with its customers. With support from Captain Wallet, which provides a SaaS solution around Apple Wallet and Google Pay, the brand has created a system aimed at improving customer engagement on the mobile phone, which is deployed in France, in the UK. The United States and the United States.

Captain Wallet solution enables the physicalization of various marketing devices (loyalty cards, click and collect coupons, discount vouchers, etc.) and incorporate them into mobile wallets. At The Kooples, customers are invited to download “The Klub,” the House Pass, in their mobile wallet via a link embedded in the brand’s various marketing content. One click is enough to add this card to the wallet, without the need to download an application. After that, Kooples can use the service to send personal information to their customers in payment mode: news, trade offers, news and benefits.

Personal relationship with clients

After five months of using the wallet, the brand noticed a good level of adoption among its customers, with a wallet “The Klub” card’s add-on rate of 75% and a retention rate of 98%. So Kooples decided to double the entry points, planning to add links on its website or in transactional emails, as well as advertising at its point of sale.

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“Personalizing the customer journey is essential in order to create a unique dialogue with everyone and deliver the right content on the right channel to the right person at the right time,” stresses Laitya Paglan, Customer Relationship Management and Client Project Manager at The Kooples. “With the wallet, we complement our one-to-one communication system with a new mobile channel in order to further amplify the conversation with our community.”

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