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The Last Guardian This is one of the most controversial games in recent years: despite the undeniable charm, a long and difficult pregnancy has left some scars, especially from a technical point of view. Many of the patches that followed have fixed many issues in one day, but only now, thanks to its power PS5, We can fully enjoy this spectacular adventure. The PlayStation 5 is, in fact, capable of running The Last Guardian 60fps, Something that will make the game “happy” even for the technicians in the digital foundry.

In their latest video, you can see at the bottom of the news, the English company has fully tested Version 1.0 Presented by The Last Guardian. Only one, as we said a few weeks ago, is capable of running without opening the frame-rate. For this reason, DF tested the disk version of The Last Guardian on the PS5, which is available without patches.

This way, on the one hand you can leave your own 4K, HDR and many modifications for gaming and game performance, on the other hand you can use the PlayStation 5’s 10.28 TF which can run. Standard 60fps. There will be some tips in the later stages of the game, but The Last Guardian will never go below 50 frames per second.

The result is a decisively very interesting game that can show the true potential of Utah’s mission. The PS5 manages to run everything very smoothly and one would be surprised if it ever came up Official link The last Guardian that combines the performance of version 1.0 with the robustness and revision of subsequent patches.

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