Kroos retires, Rudiger pinches opponents… De la Fuente and Carvajal calm the match

This is what makes these types of matches so special sometimes. Before the Euro 2024 final quarter between Spain and Germany, the attacker from Roja Joselu was confident he would send Toni Kroos back, who was announced to have pulled the crampons at the end of the season, at 34. Years.

A few hours after Julian Nagelsmann insisted that he did not attach importance to this distant encounter, Spanish coach Luis de la Fuente shared his German counterpart's opinion. “We respect them and they are ours. I did not listen or follow the statements that caused controversy. It does not matter to me, I know that this match is played at the level of football and this poster deserves a final.” The Iberian coach said in a press conference on Thursday: “It was a very balanced match.”

Respect for Cruz in the Spanish clan

Right-back Dani Carvajal did not intervene in this matter either, nor regarding Antonio Rudiger, who Pedri accused of pinching opponents during matches. The Real Madrid player said: “You should not misunderstand Joselu's words. We want to beat Germany logically, and this would mean the end of Kroos' career, that is a fact.”

“Rudiger's incisiveness? That's another story and it's up to the referee to see that and pay attention! There is respect, we are all professionals and it will be like that on the pitch with a great game that all football fans want to see.” The Merengue continued.

This match could therefore be the last in the incredible career of Kroos, “a player of great class”, according to De la Fuente. “It's sad that he will soon stop playing football: as a football lover, I would like to see him for a longer period. To contain him, we thought of tying his feet … We'll see with UEFA if they allow us to do it.” Do it!, he joked. See you on Friday at 6pm for a sports explanation.

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