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2022 marks the end of Lamborghini’s era. Car maker Del Toro has actually announced this This will be the last year It will launch new models exclusively powered by internal combustion engines: Italian brand CEO Stephen Wingleman, by the end of this year talked about four innovations, including two Urus and two Huracans. However, the real bombshell thrown by Lamborghini’s number one is about the future: from next year, the company will lean towards one. Generation of hybrid cars, Which will be the model to replace the Aventador.

Before all of this went into Lamborghini’s last transition phase, it was fully integrated with the electric engine. See you in 2028. Echoing a heartbeat in the eyes of many fans, the combination of traditional heat engines will disappear from the Toro brand’s offer every year. “2022 will be The last firecracker for internal combustion cars, With four new products, two hurricanes and two Urus “, Wingelman’s words. The rule is now sealed, which is why the efforts of the Del Toro brand are focused on the project that will lead to the introduction of the first 100% electric series Lamborghini: at this time some details about this model are known, apart from that. Be a four door model suitable for daily use.

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