Most popular devices with pedometer and heart rate

Wearables boom: Walking mileage, cardio-respiratory monitoring and night-rest analysis are at the top of the list

01/23/2022 – Posted by Alessandro Malbello

Fitness bracelets, smartphones that record vital parameters, and mobile apps that manage medical records: the spread wearable devices It grows in Italy. What are these digital tools used for?

The closely watched job is number of daily steps (53%) carried out follow-up reports on heart rate and sleep regularity, the indicators control 35% and 24% of the analyzed sample, respectively. Although the newer generations are also interested in the neuropsychological field, only 3% of respondents report using an app for mindfulness or mental health support, compared to 4% who are willing to pay for requests and programs for physical activity training.

Deloitte’s analysis sees significant growth in both health wearables and health applications. Global spending on such applications is estimated at nearly $500 million. It should be noted, we add, to a growing concern on the part of users regarding the preservation of personal informationWhich is why many digital natives have begun to restrict permissions to apps that request permissions to collect sensitive biometric data in real time.

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