Launch of the new mobile application “”

On August 27, 2021, the Public Transport Administration will launch the new transport booking application “” for people with reduced mobility using the Adapto transport service.

The new mobile application for the on-demand transportation service Adapto will be available from August 27, 2021. The supplier of the new booking platform, Via, which won the tender from the Ministry of Mobility and Public Works in June 2021, offers an elevated offer – a scalable and performance solution, within reach of its target audience.

The app allows Adapto beneficiaries to easily create and manage their reservations themselves thus avoiding phone calls to call center.

In accordance with the aspirations of the Public Transport Administration to increase the quality of service for the beneficiaries of Adapto transport, the application will provide a superior user experience, taking into account new technologies as well as user requirements. Its navigation system will provide more accurate and accurate flight results. It will also introduce new features such as sending SMS or voice calls to confirm reservation, vehicle arrival or warn of potential delays.

It will be downloadable from August 27, 2021 in the App Store and Play Store and will be available in French, English and German. It will replace the existing application for all flight bookings from September 1, 2021, which will no longer be active from the same date.

Issued by the Public Transport Administration

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