WhatsApp, How to send bulk messages without creating a group: Trick

WhatsApp has a trick to send collective messages without creating any groups. Let’s see how it can be done.

New Messaging App Trick (via screen shot)

There are many ava ven kariyas that arise with Groups Share. In fact, although it is best to have group chats, sometimes it is better to send a group message, but without creating a group conversation. However, there is a trick that can be really effective. In fact, by doing so you will find some sort of sending Group Mail But with Bcc automatically.

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To do all this, it is necessary to enter the world Application broadcasting. However, there are some limitations, in fact you can send a message Maximum 256 recipients. Also, the message will only be sent to those who have our number on the phone number. Creating a broadcast list is very easy for both Android For that iOS.

In really operating systems iOS It is necessary to press the key List broadcast At the top right of the screen Chat, Then it will be necessary Click on New List, Then write or Select (with + key) Name the contacts to add and finally ”Create‘When the contrast is Android You need to click the button List, Select New broadcast Finally type News and selected users Who should provide it.

WhatsApp comes with a ‘take a look’ function: how it works

New function for news app (via screenshot)

It was soon added to the official version Share Function ‘Take a look‘But the The sun Highlighted how any user can do it Screenshot News that can only be viewed once. And unlike Snapshot, WhatsApp does not send notification to the sender in screen shots. Therefore a Address Take a screen shot or Photo On the screen with another device, so the message that needs to be viewed only once can end up online without any permission.

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If we send The pin of our credit card, The recipient can create a screen, thus putting the data at serious risk Sensitivity sent. In conclusion, we may define it as dangerous to send personal or personal information in a message application, so we should avoid sending sensitive information in the application, even to informants and trusted individuals.

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