Laval: Max’Sens Innovations has created a training program for the Grand Oral

Max’Sens Innovations, a Laval startup founded by Lazare Aké, has created EDClass, the Grand Oral Training Program, a new baccalaureate exam. (© Courrier de la Mayenne)

We’ve seen missing teachers, helpless parents and panicked students. Of this note that Lazare Aké, founder of Max’Sens Innovations Emerging at Laval, to create EDClassIt is a program that allows training specifically in big mouth test. The latter, the main project of the baccalaureate reform, is a novelty for final year students. It has been maintained despite the many distance courses held during the academic year.

Max’Sens Innovations publishes training and communications programs. “Our promise is to make people independent and self-sufficient,” explains Lazar Aceh, who is originally from the Paris region.

The EDClass, available on a computer or in virtual reality with a headset, will help direct high school students to the Grand Oral. As with sports, the event requires preparation and rigor.

lazar akiFounder of Max’Sens Innovations

Lower your voice and avoid silence…

The program was created in just three weeks, as it is a different kind from a previous product. “People don’t train on our products, They faced the same situation several times, so you feel comfortable. The fun side is very popular. “Everything that will be capitalized through EDClass will be transformable into reality,” continues Lazare Aké. “With immersive media, you learn four times faster.”

Max’Sens Innovations therefore offers a product that allows you to develop your fluency in speaking: How to express your voice, avoid memory lapses, make arguments, persuade, manage silence, and work on your breathing, etc. The AI, based on the evaluation criteria of the Grand Oral, replaces the teachers and analyzes the student’s recorded situation by making a semantic calculation of voice, tone and flow as well as lexical elements.

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“Free Yourself From Your Fears”

After registering on the EDClass platform and selecting his group, the high school student who previously prepared his presentation registers, as if he were taking his oral exam. When satisfied with his presentation, he analyzed it. An in-depth analysis of their registration is then carried out: a score is awarded for the material and the form of its presentation; Improvement points as well as positive points are listed. The high school student can then listen to his recording again to become more aware of areas for improvement.

The user is not judged. He is helped to free himself from his fears or lack of knowledge.

lazar akiFounder of Max’Sens Innovations

Partnership with the Ministry of National Education

Subscription costs between €9.99 and €19 per month, depending on the number of sessions. “There is a refill system for individual sessions,” says Lazar Aceh. A portion of the money raised will be redirected to young people from sensitive neighborhoods. “We don’t want knowledge to be limited to certain people,” he explains.

Ministry of National Education Contact Max’Sens Innovations and consider a partnership from next school year. The second edition of the EDClass will also include review content from partner educators.

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