Layers of Fear: Horror game announced and dated on PSVR

Now known as ForemanAnd Blair Witch And AverageAnd Team Bloober It first made a name for itself thanks to Layers of Fear, a psychological horror game released in 2016Three years later, I got a virtual reality version on my computer. But the Polish studio also wants to rock guys at consoles.

Team Bloober So it comes fromAdvertisement Layers of Fear VR sur PlayStation 4, Which she’d obviously be playable with PSVR from Sony. There are no major changes to Play, The title will always take us back to the Victorian era when a painter seeks to create it great workAnd You will have to explore the corners of an evil mansion by solving puzzles, but the experience will be even scarier in virtual reality Some of the mechanics have been modified for better exploitation VR.

Layers of Fear VR’s release date has already been set for April 29, 2021 on PS4, The title will sell for € 19.99 and port will be provided by Incovo, Actually behind the PC version of the game, but also Blair Witch: Oculus Quest Edition or Green Hill VR. You can buy a helmet PlayStation VR Or accessories Certainly Amazon.

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