LeBron drops his 3 favorite teams to use in video games!

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LeBron James is one of the oldest players in the NBA, but he’s not necessarily far from young. For example, he also grew up in play to basketball games on his consoles, and besides, he just revealed his three favorite franchises to use.

We could have forgotten seeing him play against the Wizards on Friday, With the new 50 points cardcorn LeBron James He’s not very young anymore… At 37, he looks almost like a dinosaur in my league, younger and more lively, and if you can’t see him physically, it will be much more evident when he expresses himself. He clearly does not have the same cultural references as his younger colleagues.

When we were younger, we never took Utah into video games. Karl Malone and John Stockton were great players, but no one took them.

LeBron James is a fan of the Sonics NBA Jam team

When LeBron James played his first video game, he could have picked Karl Malone and John Stockton, while most players in the league today started with the King… After his card against Washington, LeBron also went back to his youth, revealing his three favorite NBA teams Jam, the star game at the time. Already when he was young, he loved the show.

At the time I was playing for the Seattle Supersonics, because it gave you the chance to play with the Gary Payton/Sean Kemp duo. Sometimes I’d use the Bulls but Michael Jordan wasn’t in the game… I loved the Mavericks with Jason Kidd and Jamal Mashburn. Oh, warriors also with the famous Run TMC! I was always trying to light up and then you could shoot from midfield, which wasn’t there in real life at the time.

In this legendary 2v2 all-terrain game, it’s clear that LeBron James liked the combination of a leader and a dominant interior, while always ensuring a show. Sean Kemp was an unstoppable player, Jason Kidd was a great passer from distance, and Tim Hardaway was a fast player who had a hard time taking the ball. The king certainly tasted good.

Today, most players who have made it to the league only know 2K and LeBron James in terms of video games…but the king is from another era, and he’s starting his career ToyYou’re in the NBA Jam, with legends like Shawn Kemp and Tim Hardaway.

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