Lemnis Gate, time-shooter postponed to September

Canadian studio Ratloop Games wants to ensure the quality of its Lemnis Gate game by delaying its release by a few weeks.

It was scheduled to be released on August 3 on the day of PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series And the ComputerLemnis Gate, the time-loop multiplayer tactical shooter game is finally here September 28 as developers Ratloop games via tweet.

Our vision with Lemnis Gate is creativity Fresh new gaming experience Which appeals to both FPS and strategy players and where skill and tactical planning are just as important.

Unfortunately, as we approach the exit, Obviously we need more time To make sure the experience is fun for everyone on release day. Our guiding principle has always been “Play First” And we’d lie to ourselves if we didn’t take the extra time to make it all work. That’s why We made the difficult decision to move the Lemnis Gate exit to September 28.

Despite this postponement, the title will still be his open beta who starts Today is July 22 and continues Until July 26.

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