Finally, Google’s visual search engine has arrived on the computer

Google is one of the most advanced companies when it comes to artificial intelligence. And through its research, it can offer services like Google Lens to users.

As a reminder, Lens is Google’s visual search engine. In this app, you can point your camera at a product to get a link to an e-commerce site to buy it. You can also point the camera at a plant to get its scientific name. You can also point the camera at text on a piece of paper and then copy/paste it into a text editor. This is a powerful tool, but so far this tool is only for smartphones.

But the good news is that Google Lens is finally coming to PC via Google Chrome. If this topic hasn’t been announced, our colleagues at 9to5Google point out that Google Lens is currently rolling out to the PC version of Chrome 92.

If the feature already came to your device (it wasn’t available to me at the time of writing this article), you have a new button to search in Lens after right-clicking on an image (on Chrome).

You will then be redirected to the Google Lens page where you will get the search results.

Screenshot of the desktop version of Google Lens. © lemon squeezer

Like in a smartphone, you will be able to crop the image so that the Google Lens search engine focuses on a specific part. And when you’re on the Google Lens site, you also have the option to import an image from your computer for search.

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