Let augmented reality find the perfect glasses for us

Cleaning glasses is always a bit daunting. And the choice of frame often takes an unlimited amount of time. Customers parked in front of shelves, models have been affected several times: in these times of Covid-19, they are not ideal from a health point of view. Fortunately, the technology is there to find the right solutions and also save time while having fun.

Let augmented reality find the perfect glasses for us

Technology has shown that it can be of great use in these times of pandemic and health risks in our daily lives. Useful to fight the virus, to help the most disadvantaged, but also to facilitate the resumption of life.

To get back to a semblance of normalcy, stores have not only been the most superior in trying to find solutions to demand traffic, limit the number of existing customers or interactions with products, and clean up everything…financial cost, but also timely and stressful. Augmented reality seemed to many to be more of a viable solution.

Brands Regulate Try Without Touch

There are brands that are now betting with varying degrees of success on try in Or the ability to “try on” clothes and accessories in virtual reality using your smartphone or web interface and your photo. Snapchat is pushing the concept with brands that have made improvements to camera filters, and some like Adidas, Prada, H&M, or even furniture Ikea have embraced them, with varying degrees of success in rendering.

At Krys, it’s hard to let customers in front of their computers imagine the perfect pair of custom eyeglasses without being able to check them out. But it is also difficult to imagine the traffic jams in front of the displays to try different models without hygienic precautions and cleaning after each installation. And anyone who has had to try glasses knows that you rarely pick just one or two before you find what you’re looking for…

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So the optician had the idea of ​​creating a connected path to quickly pick out your next glasses without touching anything. We were able to spot the concept, which was launched last February, in a demo shop in Nanterre (Hauts-de-Seine). Prescription in hand, we are sitting in front of an optometrist who now holds a tablet on which our future frame will be drawn. ” Since 2014, we have been using iPad for our customers. Now, we’re also using the iPad Pro to improve the experience, thanks in particular to the power of the TrueDepth Camera that enables so many possibilities in augmented reality.Hafeez Koch, who is in charge of beta testing at Krys in Nanterre, explains.

iPad Pro camera in support

There is nothing innovative about using augmented reality to simulate the experience of glasses. Several chains have been offering it online for a long time, including Krys. What is different now is the support from A to Z across three stages, without touching anything or almost (you have to try every time). all ” in less than 20 minutes”, we are assured.

It begins with various tests performed with conventional instruments to determine the type of glass required. Perception tests, fuzzy reflexes, or eye strength tests may be used to make sure the prescription matches your needs. Then comes the measurement of the distance between the glasses with the first iPad, thanks to software also designed end-to-end by Krys to meet his needs. The measurements are then sent to your customer file to continue feeding it with data and we still haven’t touched anything. This will make it possible to determine what kind of glasses and what corrections should be made.

Then comes the bulk of the piece: the makeup according to Kris. The best way to get The right glasses that won’t slip on your nose and will perfectly fit the contours of your face ». Often this is the moment in the store when the customer wants to flutter off the shelves in search of the pair that perfectly fits his face. Let’s be honest, this is the moment we get it wrong 75% of the time, forcing us to try on all kinds of models that we like—but don’t necessarily match our face shape—before finding the rare pearl. In times of covid there are too many models to clear then, traffic jams in lanes without following a specific routing cycle…a nightmare for optometrists looking for the slightest contact between customers to avoid any hazard contamination.

The iPad Pro is installed here on a bracket that allows the height of the device to be adjusted in order to perfectly position the camera in front of us. And in seconds, just by rotating your face from left to right like setting up facial recognition on a smartphone, iPad Pro analyzes the shape of your face and the elements of your face to come up with the perfect framing. Or rather, the ideal frames, because the program offers you not only one model, but also a choice according to various parameters (height of eyes, ears, nose, general shape of the face, etc.) in order to get a list of perfectly placed frames.

Augmented reality for fun as well as safety

You can then try the glasses on your face in augmented reality like a Snapchat filter and see what they look like on you by shaking your head all over. It must be admitted that thanks to the performance of Face ID and the front-facing TrueDepth camera that captures your face in infrared (30,000 points captured), the display is rather convincing. Then it’s time to try out the models identical to those suggested by the Krys program. Finding the right pair then only requires three to four fixtures (as opposed to sometimes twenty, our ophthalmologist tells us). Some choose the color of the glasses. Further development to save more time.

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Currently available in many stores, the track dedicated to most of the Krys network will soon be expanded. It’s fun, fast and intuitive. This saves time for the optician, but also for the customer, who immediately sees which models might suit him.

For the record, I had made my glasses three months ago in a classic circle, with the same recipe. I spent three times the time there getting lower lens measurements and their fit, and had to try fifteen good models before I found the frame that fit my face…without guarantee I wouldn’t be the only one. to believe it. Phew, my model is in the top three among the models suggested to me.

You can test whether a pair of glasses fits you well

You can test if a pair of glasses looks good on you // Source: FRANDROID

And the good news if you just want to try the “face painting” part and experience augmented reality: everything is free and also convenient if you have to buy sunglasses. You can also retrieve the video of the augmented reality sequence and suggestions to share with your friends.

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