LG fixes “loss of brightness” for 4K OLED TVs (Game Mode)

Play in full brightness on the LG 4K OLED TV (2020)? Then deactivate automatic updates!

Brightness has been reduced in Game Mode on LG’s popular 4K OLED TVs (2020 models) after a firmware update. The problem is already solved on the horizon!

We have warned you about the latest firmware release 03.11.30 for current CX Series, GX, and WX 4K OLED TVs (BX models may not be affected). Anyone who has installed this and turned on their OLED in game mode, for example with Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5, is surprised by a darker screen in HDR picture mode. Not only were the headlights, but also the large, bright screens with much less light, which was confirmed by many users in the relevant forums.

Prevent combustion?

Several media outlets reported this fact, and even if it is not entirely clear why LG Electronics made this change (we expect additional protection against combustion), the Korean TV manufacturer has already given up and is fully working on one that worked out the solution. Well, about two weeks after the first reports, LG could show initial successes. A new firmware release (possibly called 03.21.16 in the US) should roll back this improvement.

LG Siganture OLED Z9
LGs 2020 OLED TVs recent update has pros and cons

Fixed program that corrects “loss of brightness”

The new firmware is currently only available as an “engineer version,” which means that only specific users can access it, who must fully test the firmware. The software is only distributed in waves via the TV’s automatic update function once it is approved. The exact date is not currently available, but deployment of the update will not take long.

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Personally, I will still have the auto-update function for my CX 4K OLED device inactive and will only install the new firmware after doing a check (log change on LG service website), because I often use the TV in game mode.

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