Light Phone: The Simples Mobiltelefon Smartphone Alternative

Still around, just the right cell phones for making calls and as a watch: the credit card-sized lightweight phone and it is said to offer incredible 20 days of battery life, plus it only has memory for ten contacts. Inventors wrote that an eye-catching simple device is designed to be used as little as possible Joe Howler and Kaiwei Tang On your website.

But who would want such a simple cell phone in the times of high-end smartphones with quad-core processors? Seemingly a tech fanatic: Light Phone’s crowdfunding campaign, which started May 13, has it Kickstarter It has already achieved the first half of its $ 200,000 funding goal.

Americans Howler and Tang are not engineers, but they are designers. They got to know each other during Google Designer Experience “30 weeks”. They don’t say exactly how they came up with the idea of ​​a simple cell phone. Maybe Simvalley mini cell phone was your inspiration? Similar small phones with similar lower functions have been around for a long time – and usually much cheaper. For example, 4G Systems produces an inexpensive credit card-sized cell phone that sells for little money by ADAC and The Bild, among others.

There must be at least one app

In the not particularly detailed development blog for Light Phone, you can see how the device was created, which weighs only 38.5 grams: so the prototype was modified with box cutters, plaster molds and a 3D printer. The internal technology is nothing special: it’s a very simple phone only with GSM connectivity on the common frequency bands 850/900/1800/1900 MHz.

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The only privilege of the modern mobile world is a planned app that redirects calls from a smartphone to a Light Phone. This actually conflicts with the concept, according to which customers should be able to move away from constant availability.

In practice, light phone buyers shouldn’t have to worry about contract: the device must be delivered with a prepaid card with 500 free minutes expected per month – but only in the USA.

Anyone interested in a cell phone can contribute to the Kickstarter campaign through June 27th – with sums starting at $ 1, you can at least support their makers ethically. You can get your light phone for only $ 100, outside the US, however, without a contract and a charger. The devices are expected to be delivered within a year.

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