R-Type Final 2 – Ford 4. Life in Famitsu’s votes in mid-April 2021

New vow of the week Famitsu Finally available. However, it was a bad week in the news and the Japanese newspaper only published two reviews, to be exact R-Type Final2 On version PS4, the Xbox One e Switch e Altius: Beyond the Chronos, In the PS VR version.

Of the two, the best and most anticipated are of course R-Type Final2, Which received a solid but non-striking vote. Four critics of Famitsu have actually put forward a referendum 8/8/8/7, or 31 of 40 31. Instead of ALTDEUS: beyond Chronos who got 9/10/8/9, for 36 out of a total of 40.

R-Type Final2

R-Type Final2 Iram is the most recent episode of Saga born in the field of arcade. After rejecting various publishers who wanted not to publish in the game, the game was thanked to Kickstarter. The previous chapter, after all, starts in 2003, and now it is a genre, not reduced to a prominent place. The new game video can be found here.

Altius: Beyond the Chronos Instead it is a science fiction based on the battles between robots and pop music. It offers 15 to 20 hours of play and puts us in the shoes of a pilot Chloe who has to fight against hostile creatures called meteorites to save humanity. The game has been available on Steam since February and has received positive votes from the press and the public.

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