Live RPG based on the VED story to shine in 2022

Fans of story RPGs might like an addition by From developer 1C Entertainment to their watchlist. We’ll have to wait a bit for it to land on the Switch (and other platforms), but it should arrive sometime in 2022.

In VED, you play Kir, a young protagonist who comes to Micropolis in search of a new life. There, he suddenly discovered the ability to teleport between two interconnected worlds filled with mysterious flying islands, strange creatures and dangerous monsters.

As a player, you will reveal an interactive story where every decision counts and help Kir uncover the truth about this magical place, so you can determine the fate of two worlds.

Everything looks great, check out the trailer above to see what you think.

Main characteristics:

A non-linear story where every decision can lead to irreversible consequences and goals.
– Many factions of the game with different opinions about the current events. The dynamic relationship system will allow you to influence the decisions of the main characters.
– An innovative turn-based combat system. Use the feature according to your location.
– Build a shelter for you and your allies to unlock new skills and abilities.
– A system of unique interactive events that impose insults or blessings on the hero and that last until the end of the game.
– The game features an original fully-curated soundtrack that will accompany you on your adventure.


Excited for VED when it hits the Switch next year?

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