Logitech g13 Logitech Gaming Software An era approaching software problems

Hello everyone, as is often the case, the problem is often in front of her, that is, in front of the screen …
If my second G13 turned on, the first refused to work on the (G14) button.
The central standard profile that saved on the device was exported and then imported into the second file (yesterday), which also went well yesterday.

After turning off my computer and starting my computer today there were the said issues, now go a little deeper and remember what I did yesterday and when I deleted an old locally saved profile in my second G13, it’s now working like a charm again.

In general, it is important to always check such things -> What are the recent changes, the error could be the local memory on the G13, or two very similar files saved locally, further analysis pending uploading more personal files locally just make sure they are Not local memory and will say:

game over

Subject was sniffed.

THX for clicks and possibly past analysis

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