The Domestic Coal Basin Quest presents a hypothetical character discovery

As part of its orientation workshops, the Local Coal Basin Mission (MLBH) regularly organizes company visits, so young people can discover different trades and find their way. But with the health crisis, the doors were closed. Other solutions had to be found to keep working. So Christian Schmid, director of the local mission, decided to circumvent the problem. “This epidemic is forcing us to change the way we view things, and to adapt constantly,” he explains. We had to create a ‘show’ and allow the youth to visit the companies in another way. Therefore, the greater region was asked to finance the purchase of two virtual reality headsets and subscribe to a specialized site, Deals 360. The request was accepted, because “the region is particularly sensitive to innovation”.

Curiosity Workshops

The principle is simple and “especially attractive, related to youth,” Christian Schmid details. “If we provide a three or four page job description, I’m not sure everyone is going to stop and skip. There, it is all about” visiting a company, a trade, a restaurant, going hypothetically, to be able to have the first approach to various professions. ” For the restaurant, we move from the kitchen with the chef, the staff and the plate to the room crew. A process developed by Métiers 360 in all areas of activity, including construction.

“We are not in a bubble, it is very addicting,” even if there is no interaction, because it is not a video game. The concept perfectly integrates the director’s idea from these instructing workshops. “They are above all curiosity workshops, which are more of a quality than a bad mistake. The aim is to be open to different options.” But Christian Schmid knows, “This does not take the place of a field visit. It’s the first step while waiting for better days and discovering in indulgence. … real, through periods of preparation in a professional setting (PSMP) … and the potential for young people to find a decade, at best, in a profession that appeals to them.

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