Lord – Here is the winner of the Nintendo Switch Lite contest

Many of you participated in the Nintendo Switch Lite game competition, thanks to the whole community and to the many participants for playing the game and for talking a lot about us on the networks.

You have been asked to answer two questions. For those whose memory has failed, here is the first question:

1. Why is it important to level up for Game Lord?

The answer was: “To access increasingly interesting contests and prove that you are a trustworthy person when buying or selling on game-lord.com”

At game-lord.com, the higher a member’s level is, the more you can trust them to buy or sell safely. As you know, competitions can only be accessed by members who have reached the minimum level (for this level it was necessary to reach level 2).

You were also asked to answer another question that is more complicated (if not necessarily very easy).

2. How many pageviews will we get on game-lord.com between 05/05/2021 and 06/05/2021?

To answer this question, we once again asked Oracle (the great Google) to show us the answer in a coffee.

Oracle spoke and gave us the number of pageviews for the period from 05/05/2021 to 06/05/2021 in 76726

So who won?

We say Bravo to Winner: loscocoblondos with reply to 57612 (closest)

I master it! We will contact you via the email you entered upon posting and after verifying your identity, we will take care of delivering your prized package to your home.

You didn’t win, don’t panic!

With Game-Lord we will frequently organize competitions, keep an eye on the page Facebook social networking site And the website, the next competition will be arriving very quickly.

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In the meantime, feel free to browse the site and sell game items and geeks with just a few clicks! It’s free and safe.

A + Lords

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