Lotus Connected, the connected watch does not give up elegance

By remotely connecting to the Walk Me Home app, it is possible to select a contact to send a notification of a safe return to your home. And if permanent contact is part of contemporary life, it is important – rather than separation – Set priorities, for example by filtering out really relevant notifications.

Lotus Connected suite models allow, through the dedicated app, the ability to configure which notifications to receive and vibrate the watch only when important notifications arrive. The entire watch is a technical core with functions distributed between the dial/crown and the buttons: with a light touch of the crown, a second time zone can be displayed, which is especially ideal for those who deal with the rest of the world.

Thanks to the buttons, it is also possible to save a position, determine the location of the mobile phone, and control the music.

On the fun side, there’s also fitness, which is now valued by cross-targeting: analyzing athletic performance, step count, calculating calories burned, monitoring sleep and heart rate, are all important factors for maintaining control over your most valuable ecosystem, health, A simple touch on the dial allows the wearer to stay informed, receive instant feedback and correct malpractices.

Various functions are intuitively enabled thanks to the dedicated Lotus Connected app in the App Store and Play Store, but the brand communicates well on each platform (tutorials are also available on Youtube and Instagram)

The technology element is convenient but the aesthetics of the watch remain central to this collection that, with 31 samples, talks about a target looking for a few details: wearable steel, rotating bezel, Milan grille, luminous indexes and colors that are never challenged by fleeting trends and destined to survive, such as gold, blue, silver and red. Although born as an urban model aimed at a remarkably unsportsmanlike target, the Lotus Connected also allows you to better enjoy your passion and is water-resistant to 30 metres. Lotus Connected also amazes with its autonomy: the battery life is two weeks.

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