M4 and M3 Touring shooting brakes for your viewing pleasure

The new BMW M4 and M3 are only available in coupes and sedans. newly, BMW He indicated that there would be no BMW M4 Gran Coupé for fear that it would be overshadowed by the M3. The Munich manufacturer will, however, launch the convertible version of the M4, as well as the exclusive M3 fracture body.

Imagine a painter you are starting to get to know M3 touring, As well as a very impressive copy of the M4. It is a derivative Shooting brake, Which alas, will never fire … But we always have the right to dream, and this offer of M4 shooting brake we love so much!

Rendu BMW M3 Touring / M4 Shooting Brake

The front of the car is clearly unchanged, on the other hand, at the rear, the roof drops less sharply than it does in the coupe and forms a lower sloping rear window, which provides more space in the boot. The M4 Shooting Brake’s technique is amazing, if BMW is looking to turn down the M4 it knows what to do.

We imagine this The BMW M4 Shooting brakes receive a displacement six-cylinder in the 3.0-liter twin-turbo line with 510 hp. Power can be transferred to all four wheels via the xDrive all-wheel drive system, which is about to enter the M4 and M3 catalog.

Rendu BMW M3 Touring / M4 Shooting Brake
Rendu BMW M3 Touring / M4 Shooting Brake

As for how the M3 Touring looks, there is no doubt that it is faithful to the production model that will be released soon. BMW has not yet announced the date of the presentation, but prototypes of the sports wagon have already been seen and the German brand has already provided a preview of its new model through a video that you will find at the bottom of this article.

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We are also waiting for M4 CS or CSL marketing currently under development. It is likely to be produced in a limited series and will develop power in excess of 510 hp.

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