M6 will relaunch the 90s cult game “May the Best Win”

After “Le Juste Prix”, the M6 ​​will revive another popular game from the 90s, “Let the best win”, which will be presented in the evening by former Top Gear France host Philippe Lelouch and actress Anne-Sophie Girard. The channel announced on Wednesday.

Launched in 1991 on Cinq, then broadcast daily from 1992 to 1995 on Antenne 2, the show that actually revealed Nagui was relaunched on France 2 between 2012 and 2015.

As in the original game, 200 anonymous candidates will try to win up to €40,000 by answering a series of multiple choice questions, with the slightest mistake resulting in them being eliminated. With one new feature: everyone will be divided according to their age group into four large families, each supported by a celebrity.

This relaunch is part of M6's desire to progress into previously unexplored gaming terrain (apart from reality TV), while drawing on established brands.

“We are accelerating,” David Larramendi, the new president of M6, confirmed during a press conference on the return of the group's channels.

The game is one of M6's “two important pivots” with fantasy, the person who succeeded Nicolas de Tavernost added in April.

Thus, the channel updated the program “Le Juste prix” on TF1 in March and is preparing a new version of the program “Maillon Weak”, another former flagship program of its competitor, hosted by the actor Vincent Didian, during an evening event.

It will also launch a new series program called “99 to Win”, where around a hundred candidates of all ages will compete simultaneously in a series of challenges.

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On the reality TV front, in addition to its successful brands (“Les Traitors” and “Pékin Express”), M6 will also broadcast “The Golden Bachelor”, an advanced version of its show from the 2000s, where it has been going for sixty years – looking The old story about a soul mate among twenty pretenders.

Its launch, which was scheduled to take place on Thursday, was postponed due to political developments in France.

Also on the list is the return of “The Island,” which will follow ten abandoned characters for ten days on the desert island of Ko Tarutao off the coast of Thailand. Adventurer Lori Lugg will host this show, which was hosted by explorer Mike Horn from 2015-2018.

Actress Letitia Milot will also replace Marie Portolano, who left for France 2, in the show “Best Pastry Chef”.


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