Analysis of the Elton Ring: Shadow of Earthtree by Wand Optimization from Digital Foundry

with arrival Elton Ring: Shadow of the EarthtreeFromSoftware's Like Souls is once again under scrutiny Digital Foundry. Judgment? With the advent of the expansion, the game has not taken steps forward or backward, which is not a positive result. The performance and optimization issues of two years ago still exist.

In fact, tech buffs say the game works the same way, if not identically, to how it appeared two years ago after proper patching. This means that the console does not have a single graphics mode PS5 and Xbox series It ensures constant framerate at 60 fps. The exception is represented by the PS4 version played in backward compatibility on the PS5, which guarantees a constant and rock-solid framerate, with obvious compromises in image quality.

The quality and ray tracing modes are also flawless, the lack of framerate cap prevents it from hitting 30 fps, resulting in fluctuations of 30 – 45 fps and sometimes even below this limit.

The system lacks DLSS, FSR and XeSS

Even on PC the situation has not improved one iota. The The maximum framerate is still at 60 fpsThere are no options for ultrawide and ray tracing No support for modern developers DLSS, like FSR and XeSS, are now the minimum equipment of every doubles and triples game.

Apart from that, the game is still plagued by issues Legal time discrepancy Even on a beefy processor like the Ryzen 7 7800X3D, due to CPU bottlenecks. Digital Foundry has reduced the rare but very serious frame-rate drops to 0fps.

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In short, Shadow of the Erdtree offers unparalleled art direction, lots of new content, and a vast new setting to explore, but we're not quite there in terms of optimization and performance. In this sense, the concept of Digital Foundry is very critical:

“Keeping in mind the issues on consoles and PC, Elton Ring is worth mentioning A huge financial success For FromSoftware, the last couple of years have looked strange No money is reinvested to improve technical quality of gaming on PC or console,” says Digital Foundry.

“This review comes with genuine respect for FromSoftware's achievements with the Souls series; few developers match this studio when it comes to world-building and 3D combat. But with each platform, we see A developer who constantly ignores technical issues Basics.”

Meanwhile, today FromSoftware released a patch that makes the expansion easier, along with a short guide to help players.

Veronica Tucker

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