Mabe launches the first mobile additive laboratory in France

By Editor, June 13, 2022.

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Mapei France launches Mapei Le Lab, a new exclusive mobile technical service designed to support manufacturers in the concrete sector. Fully equipped, they travel to precast plants, BPE (Ready Mix Concrete) plants and construction sites to perform tests related to concrete materials.

For more than 30 years, Mapei has helped professionals draft concrete for the most diverse sites, including the most complex engineering structures. More than ever, the company is putting this expertise at the service of ready-mix and precast concrete producers with Mapei Le Lab’, the new mobile concrete technical support. Backed by an experienced concrete support technician, this service provides personalized on-site support for on-site testing and formulation of concrete conforming to customer needs, optimizing mixing and cost of concrete. , support teams in concrete formulation, deepen their technical knowledge, and address environmental challenges through the formulation of low carbon concrete. Concrete manufacturers no longer need to take samples and send their materials to the laboratory, where Mapei marks them and formulates the concrete directly at the place of manufacture. The results of tests at the industrial level are confirmed in the following. The tests are conducted on site of the manufacturers who benefit from the results in real time and can instantly choose the directions to be presented. Together, Mapei and the manufacturer identify and verify the best industrial solutions more quickly. Mapei Le Lab, equipped with more than 30 instruments and measuring instruments, makes it possible to perform a very wide range of tests.

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