Mac M1: Apple will have a fix for Bluetooth issues

An upcoming macOS update should provide a solution to Bluetooth connectivity issues between devices and newer Macs equipped with M1 processors.

This is what Apple has Referred to For the user who is having trouble with the Mac mini M1. This is not an isolated case. these who are they Forums For example, you have dozens of pages of testimonials about intermittent or defective connections between Macs, third-party Bluetooth devices, as well as Apple accessories.

The Mac mini M1 is especially critical. We echoed this even though our tests of the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air M1 did not reveal such issues (read Apple Silicon Transfer does not fix Bluetooth issues on Macs). Bluetooth connections aren’t as solid as granite on Macs in general, but let’s say with the advent of the new M1 architecture, we expected to get off to a good start. And in the end, it always limps a little.

Apple currently has macOS 11.2 on the go, and it was its first beta version Distributed December 16. There has been nothing left since then and we will not have any release notes until the end.

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