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?? Apple has been gradually taking Intel chips out of its Mac line since 2020
?? Intel CEO wants Macs to run on Intel processors again one day
?? Intel sees two options for this

On show on Monday Apple CEO Tim Cook introduced two greatly improved versions of the M1 chip, the M1 Pro and M1 Max, which will be used in the MacBook Pro in the future. Thus, internal processors have made a huge leap in high-performance laptops, as users have especially high requirements on hardware and performance previously provided by embedded Intel chips. Thus, iGroup is going one step further on the path it has already set at the end of 2020: at the time, the Cupertino company announced that it would convert the entire Mac line of Intel processors to chips from its Apple Silicon division within two years. The first devices in which the internal M1 processor was used, It was the MacBook Air, the 13-inch MacBook Pro, and the Mac mini.

For Intel, the decision meant the end of an era, because the iPhone manufacturer has relied on Santa Clara processors for its Macs since 2005. In a recent interview, CEO Pat Gelsinger explained that Intel is still mourning the The lost client – and she hopes to get it back one day.

Former partner Intel wants to fight for Apple

Pat Gelsinger, who was Intel’s chief technology officer until 2009 but left the company and only returned as CEO in February 2021, told “Axios” that he won’t give up hope that one day its processors will be integrated into Macs again. . He admitted that Intel had not always been perfect in the past and also showed an understanding of Apple’s decision and a certain admiration for its processors: “Apple decided that they could make a better chip than we could. And, you know, they really did,” said the Intel CEO in the interview, which was published just the day before Apple presentation. Still hoping to get this part of Apple back in time — and in other areas of the business — and will fight back with all his might.” to do that.

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However, the Intel boss is clear that this won’t happen overnight, and so he already has plans for how to get through the time until then. “In the meantime, I have to make sure that our products are better than theirs, that my ecosystem is more open and vibrant than yours, and that we create more compelling reasons for developers and users to end up with Intel-based products,” Gelsinger told Axios.

Collaboration with Apple: Intel chief can imagine a new role for his company

The company is, at least in part, to blame for the fact that Intel is now in the position. Because, according to “Apple Insider” reports, the Cupertino group only started manufacturing its first processors because Intel didn’t want to make chips for the iPhone. Out of this necessity, Apple then developed A-series chips, which were specially adapted to suit the needs of the group and, according to “Apple Insider”, are now the most powerful and efficient mobile chipset. According to “MacWelt”, the M1 chip was already much more powerful than the Intel Core M processor – and with the new generation of chips, this difference is likely to have increased even more. So Intel has a long way to go if it really wants to catch up with Apple again – and above all else, over it.

So, Pat Gelsinger has a second thought on how to get Apple back as a customer, even if the iPhone manufacturer wants to continue relying on its own chips. The head of Intel revealed to “Axios” that he can also imagine working as a contract manufacturer for Apple. So far, Apple’s processors are made by Samsung and TSMC, but Gelsinger would like to take on that task with Intel. After all, some chips are already being made for Amazon and QUALCOMM, according to the CEO. “And I hope to add a few more brands to this list […] And you, too [Anm. d. Red: gemeint ist Apple] It can contain,” Gelsinger said.

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