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Sunday, March 21st, Japanese Drama! Play! Play! The event aired. Dedicated to the PlayStation world and games that come to the console. For example, Resident Evil has the talk of the village, but Final Fantasy 7 remake. Caused many of the questions of the public Speculations His final Fantasy 7 remake part 2, delivered precisely One of the characters was believed to be dead.

Obviously, these assumptions can be discussed We need to do some spoilers about the final Fantasy 7 remake part 1, So if you don’t want to know what’s going on in the Square Enix game then don’t go any further than the image below.

Will there be any surprises in the Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 2 store?

A user asked Kidas, the game’s maker, if Jesse was alive and if they would see her in Final Fantasy 7 remake part 2. Kidas smiled nervously and said, “I can’t answer that question.” Apparently such a reaction caught the attention of the players and led to many speculations.

We know that Jesse in the Final Fantasy 7 remake is one of the characters believed to have died during the destruction of Section 7. However, until the end of the game, it was not confirmed or denied That girl is really dead, so Square Enix may have actually decided to surprise the players by showing the actress in the final Fantasy 7 remake part 2. Compared to the original game, the character expands on a story level: does it have to be “in vain” so as not to exploit it a little more?

for now, We repeat that it is only speculation. We will have to wait to know for sure the arrival of the new chapter. In the meantime, we should be concerned about the UFC DLC coming with the integrated version on PS5. Did you know that Sonan’s design has changed over the years?

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