Make this tool, it will be very original

Let the kids do these jobs for Father’s Day: we’re sure this gadget will be very welcome!

Greetings to all parents in the world! You never had to, as in this historical period, taste the presence of the most important people in order to fully experience every moment of your life. So why don’t kids make little tools for their parent? We know how many regions of Italy are in the red zone, but today we want to make your life easier: keep children busy and at the same time make them practical, useful and fun gifts for their father, using what you have at will be really simple and we will not have to do anything but help them Cropping, but let’s see together what we will need specifically:

  • Scraps of a different fabric
  • Sheets of cardboard or sheets of strong paper;
  • Stick or vinyl glue;
  • Colored pens
  • Various strips
  • Assorted Small Stones

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Father’s Day Letter: Make these cute little T-shirts, and they’ll be very popular

With some fabrics and tags left, it will be possible to make some very pretty T-shirt stop paper Or clipboard, practical, easy and customizable. We can choose to design a father’s uniform if he is a doctor, professor, or plumber, choose his favorite colors, or paint the motifs of his favorite sport. In short, it will be enough to let your children dive into their imagination and we will create very practical and welcoming gadgets! But let’s see together the simple steps for making T-shirts

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If we fail to correctly draw the shape of the shirt, we trace the features of one of the baby dolls

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  1. Let’s start by cutting the shape of the shirt on Cardboard. Using a ruler, it is enough to create a square with the same measurements on all sides and then draw one inside T, Cut it off and then create two more small pieces on top to create an indentation for the hoop.
  2. In the same shape, we draw lines on the scraps of the chosen fabric and then carefully cut them. Using stick or vinyl glue, clean the T-sheet and tape the T-cloth to the top, being careful to make the edges match up properly.
  3. Let it dry until everything is dry.
  4. When the shirts are ready, we can customize them as we see fit, by gluing each other Strips When the sleeves and collar rise to create cuffs, draw the side pocket with tags, or write the names of the children.
  5. On the back of the shirt we put a large dose of glue and apply it pebble, Applying slight pressure. We let it dry completely.
  6. Paper clips are ready, they will be useful for dad’s offices, and for keeping scattered documents or papers in place, and we are sure that every time they look at them, they will not be able to smile and think about their little children.
  7. We can also make an alternate version by sticking a long iron wire behind the shirt, then sticking it in turn onto a slightly larger stone and inserting a paperclip. That way stickers with important information will always be on hand, and you’ll see how they will be appreciated by parents!
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