Makeup, hairstyle … how to look your best on Zoom

Maximum Natural Light

Sophia Benzacur, influencer and co-founder of fashion brand Bahar.

Ideally, the screen, whether it is a phone or computer screen, should be placed a few centimeters above the face, which avoids projecting the double chin and emphasizing shadow areas. For the laptop to be of the appropriate height, the stick is very useful. On a computer, place it on a shoebox or a stack of large books. If possible, sit facing a window: nothing is better than natural light. For video conferencing at the end of the afternoon, I always use my smartphone: I have bought A box with a suction cup that allows you to hang it on the window, to take advantage of the last rays of the sun.

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Alternatively, you can hang floor lamps on either side of the screen in front of you, and opt for warm lighting. I don’t recommend using the light circuits created for shooting short videos or taking selfies. Most of them are very dazzling and too tired for a 40 minute meeting [investissez plutôt dans une petite lampe Led à fixer sur l’ordinateur, beaucoup sont modulables et diffusent un éclairage plus doux, ndlr]. I like to exchange meetings on the computer and the phone to make a more dynamic side, especially when I have to show off fabrics or things. “

‘Light skin and shine’

Carol Colombani, makeup artist.

“A lot of women around me, especially from the age of 35, tell me that they find their faces unusually tired on screen. You must know that before visual quality, the priority of teleconferencing programs is to maintain contact with all stakeholders. As a result, they do.” Image flattening and slicing: This is why we don’t see details well and sometimes feel distorted features. The good thing about this technique is that small imperfections in the complexion are like “erased.” So I advise against working with a product that is too covered. Instead, focus on dark areas. Like dark circles, this is one of the things you notice first. Mix it with liquid concealer. Then apply a highlighter from the temples to the center of the cheekbones – every time you turn your head it will catch the light. And remove the shine in the T-zone. You can also use creamy blush to strengthen the healthy side. Do not skimp on mascara: this accentuates the definition of the look and allows you to be more “present” in the image. For added radiance, you can also add a touch of highlighter to the middle of the lid. Finally, on the mouth, dare to apply intense lipstick because strong colors work. Well on gauze H. Otherwise, choose a very nourishing treatment, such as a tinted balm, to get a full mouth. One final tip: avoid comparing yourself to others! “

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And filters

We know the filters to blur the background or create one. But you can also download software to enhance your image and retouch your look. Snap Camera (from the Snapchat social network) offers filters, from the craziest to the most subtle, like Summer Light, which softens the complexion. Signature faces, developed by L’Oréal Paris, allow him to choose from ten digital filters and three stunning makeup themes with eye shadow, false eyelashes, rhinestones and lipstick. All of these filters can be easily used in Zoom and Teams. But Zoom also offers an interesting function: by clicking on the “Apply video filter” option in Settings> Video, you can blur the image with soft focus, and adjust the effect with the cursor. Zoom also offers ‘studio effects’ in beta, where you can roughly volumize your eyebrows and apply lipstick. Still not convinced? Since the quality of cameras varies by computer, you can invest in an external camera.

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