Items praising the mafia are for sale in Ragusa. The Democratic Party presents the agenda

Some recent cases show just how important symbols are to mafias to assert their power and flaunt their presence. We know that in different parts of Europe, unfortunately, businesses, products and gadgets point to symbols praising the Mafia. Mafia is increasingly the Italian brand in the world. This should not be the case. Starting from our city but also from our region. When tourists start flowing regularly into our city at the end of this epidemic period, it will be appropriate to stop this phenomenon which, although symbolic, becomes important. “

This was stated by Ragusa Municipal Counselor, Mario Dasta, who has received reports, in the past, about the fact that in some businesses in the city that usually welcome the influx of holidays, it was “normal” to find – displayed shirts, statues, and paraphernalia of all kinds that invoke symbols and attitudes. The mafia. “Are these – asks the Democratic Chancellor – the souvenirs we give to remember Ragusa to those who come to visit us? Let’s say no to the mafia brand in Italy and Sicily in the world.

What’s more, the widespread indifference and misunderstanding that such small behaviors are not harmful but that they raise the level of addiction every day to illegality even among young people. That is why we believe that all of this is a crime: for the families of mafia victims, judges, police, journalists, and associations that daily commit themselves to confronting them, as well as being a tool to spread the culture of illegality. That’s why, in our opinion, it’s essential to start with small things. We ask to accept the plea of ​​many disaffected people who shout “I am not a mafia”, and are trying their best to put in place laws prohibiting activities, as happened in our city, invoking mafia symbols, prohibiting selling and producing products that casually glorify the mafia and denigrate anti-mafia symbols, thus spreading a culture Illegality.

An agenda has been introduced to oblige the municipal administration to prepare a specific, robust and decisive initiative, prohibiting the sale of such tools in the municipal area pending regional law or, why not, the state, created in the same spirit that can be applied throughout the island and the national context. But in the meantime, we must evaluate and develop measures that could hinder an unacceptable process. “

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