Mansell wants to save memories online

contracting simmoreHeadquartered in Le Mans, it develops by organizing a fundraising campaign. Launched in September 2020, this site offers to post his memories online via text messages, audio recordings, or photos of his family or offspring.

We are not a social network, we are immortal‘, explains founder David Renaudin. V.Our data will be transmitted through the centuries. We are the civic utility network for families. “

1300 registered customers

More than 1,300 clients have been registered. This site is intended for the general public: the average age of users is 36 yearsThe youngest is 12 years old and the oldest is 93 years old. The cost ranges between 19 and 129 euros depending on the storage space you wish to purchase.

Cimemory has also announced the arrival of technologies in the coming years that can conjure up a sci-fi movie: avatars that can narrate saved memories of 2021, relive their memories in virtual reality in 2023 and even holograms in 2026.

We are a platform built on memories, but we also want to be on the cutting edge of technology‘, David Renaudin identifies.The talking avatar part is already ready internally and should arrive sometime in October. Now we are working on virtual reality. “

The fundraising process, which is currently being organized, is aimed at accelerating the development of the company. Cimemory currently consists of ten partners, and intends to recruit About fifteen employees by 2022-2023. “We have decided to create our jobs in Le Mans, because I am from Fléchois and therefore from Sarth.

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