Roccat Burst Pro in the test: the light indoor gaming mouse

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The Roccat Burst Pro scores with very good handling.


  • hochempfindlicher sensor
  • low weight
  • Profile memory
  • slip properties


Extremely good handling and a high-quality sensor make the Roccat Burst Pro a great mouse, not just for gamers. The only drawback is the loud clicking noise.

Light mice are the subject of current hype in gaming. The reason is obvious: those who gamble a lot during the day are happy with every gram saved and don’t have to push it over the table. In addition, a light mouse enables faster reactions. What a professional is happy about doesn’t have to apply to the average user. We’re testing it with Roccat’s Burst Pro.

Roccat Burst Pro in the test: Processing, design and sensing

The Burst Pro is very light at just 70g. This is achieved through a honeycomb-like hole in the handle housing. Unlike Mountain Makalu 67, for example, the dwelling is enclosed and cannot get dirty. Roccat markets it as a right-handed mouse, although the shape is the same. The reason is probably the two thumb buttons, which are simply on the wrong side for left-handers.

Even if the gaps are just right and nothing vibrates, the mouse doesn’t look very good. The reasons for this are probably the clear plastic and the uncomfortable rebound clicking noise. Mouse wheel is wide, fun, and finely-dotted. The switch below allows to change the sensitivity in stages. Mouse backlight and scroll wheel can be configured in the driver as needed. This is characterized by a wide and ideal range of functions.

Roccat Burst Pro in the test: Conclusion

Overall, we can attest to the ease of handling with the Roccat Burst Pro. The high-quality 16,000 dpi sensor, combined with wide Teflon feet, ensures optimum performance; It just jerks a little on the glass. A great mouse, not just for gamers, were it not for the loud clicking noise.

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