Marine Le Pen “softness” of government? Very dangerous game – editing

We will have to choose. Marine Le Pen is “DuctilityThat the government mocked Gerald Darmanin on Thursday evening? Or is it prof “Enemy of the republic”, As LREM Speaker Christophe Castaner describes it, In an interview this Sunday at Parisian. Majority leaders will reply that the two men are in fact on the same line: that the president of the National Assembly is “Danger” And it is “facts” In which they will succeed “reveal” The ‘Rough estimates’ From the far-right party as when Le Pen was lost on Thursday in immigration numbers in France during a televised duel with the Minister of the Interior on France 2.

But if Castaner hastens to interview the national press to contradict – in a quiet way – his successor in Buffau, it would be a good idea to have some of the beacons of politics replaced. And it is no coincidence that he was a former socialist, who had to withdraw in 2015 in his region to prevent Marion Marischel Le Pen, who is now in charge of the former comrade, the Union for the Popular Movement, who, at the other end. Of the country, at the time, he took advantage of the left’s retreat to become Vice President of Hauts-de-France and deny Marine Le Pen a territorial victory. The “old world” still offers powerful political lessons.

How do you now relate to “ban”?

Because how to continue to stick to Le Pen poster ”Far right“When you have a minister you are proud to be”Harderยป What about issues of Islam and immigration? How to contact in a few months on “In front of me” or Republican withdrawals In order to prevent the RN from occupying one or two regions (Baka, Bourgogne-Franche-Comte)? How to advocate in support of left-wing voters “To block” Against the RN in the second round of the presidential elections in 2022 in the event of a new duel between Macron and Le Pen?

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Even before Darmanin faced Le Pen head-on, many senior officials in the majority had been alarmed in recent weeks by polls that put the RN party candidate a few points away from Emmanuel Macron. “Obviously we have a problem in the second round,” Behind the scenes captured a historic walk. Left voters We risk failing in a second by staying home. “ An extreme right-wing official, invisible, is bad at debate, with a party that is in excessive debt but whose electoral base appears to be inactive (25% in the first round). The candidate identified as the main opponent and whose proposals are proposed to be softer than those put forward by the president after his election on liberal promises and followers “At the same time”. All against the backdrop of the health emergency, conspiracy, and abstention … the desire to triangulate a lot and speak more to right-wing voters rather than some of those who chose Macron’s newsletter three years ago, which is part of the majority playing a very dangerous political game.

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