We look forward to these features

Several new features are planned for the Oculus Quest. We have summarized all the upcoming jobs for you.

Even without improving the Quest hardware itself, there are plenty of ways to extend the functionality of the VR glasses via software updates. The following features prove this:

The following list contains officially announced features on the one hand and only hinted functions on the one hand and awaits Quest fans on the other hand.

Oculus engineer John Carmack was appointed earlier this year More frequent updates on a monthly basis is expected. The last two updates 23 and 25 were quite extensive, but they took several months.

Have ideas for new Quest features or want to vote for a job? Then you can do this on the platform Oculus user voice To do.

Declare mission features

Share app and multiple account users

These key features were announced in February 2021, but will likely be delayed until next month.

With this, you will be able to set up user accounts for family members or friends on your Oculus Quest, including custom game progress, score saving, and achievements. Application sharing ensures that you can share purchased games with secondary users.

In the linked article, I explain the rules under which multiple accounts and app sharing operate.

Infinite office

The Infinite Office will be expanded to include the possibilities of virtual reality. Facebook’s vision is to turn the Oculus Quest into one A purposeful business platform To do it in preparation for a potential future AR workplace.

It starts with Oculus Browser: With Infinite Office, users can place multiple browser windows in the room at the same time as the default screens thus running a browser program like Google Docs or Dropbox.

Facebook is also working with Logitech to accurately map computer keyboards in VR. This makes working computers in virtual reality easier. Support for Bluetooth-enabled mice and messaging software integration came with Quest Update 25.

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In addition, the user can interact with the virtual office via manual tracking. A look at reality can be seen through the built-in tracking cameras for virtual reality glasses – though they are currently only available in black and white.

Infinite Office should appear at the end of 2020. Facebook seems not yet satisfied with the current state of the program. Andrew Bosworth, president of XR, said in late January that the virtual office was important to Facebook, but that it wasn’t ready to post yet.

Transit apps

Passthrough + is what Facebook calls the view mode, in which the video feed from the built-in cameras is combined into a 3D view of the ocean and its flow into the virtual reality glasses. Quest users can use it to see their surroundings with virtual reality goggles – black and white and a little blurry, but at least.

In this mode, you can demarcate the boundaries of the play area or orient yourself in an actual space if needed. If you wish, you can use the video review instead of the virtual home environment and watch to-do lists float in front of you in your private apartment. Step into augmented reality.

The first program to run in this mode by default is Infinite Office (see above). In the fall, Facebook announced that developers must also gain access to transit mode in the future, which could enable interesting new applications.

Facebook does not give a timeframe for the feature release. The developers of the Spatial collaboration platform are already experimenting with the bridgehead, as seen in the following video.

Improved Oculus link

The Oculus Link PC connection (testing), which turns the Oculus Quest into a virtual reality glasses for PC and provides access to titles from the Rift Store, Steam, and Viveport, left the beta phase with Update 23. But that doesn’t mean the feature has been fully developed.

There are at least two improvements in Oculus Link’s business. On the other hand, Quest users should be able to manually adjust the bitrate of the video stream in the future without having to go through the Oculus Debug Tool (see instructions for Oculus Link image quality: Set Best Graphics).

Second, Facebook works on one Dedicated VR PC user interface For Oculus Quest. Anyone currently connected to a computer via Oculus Link sees the Rift interface in front of it – a temporary solution that has not been optimized for the Oculus Quest.

Improvements in image and broadcast quality can also be expected: Facebook wants to bring Oculus Link to the level of native PC-VR connectivity.

Implicit mission features

“AirLink” – the official broadcast of the WiFi network

Oculus Quest’s freedom of movement combined with the computing power of PC: that’s the dream of many VR users. One possible solution is WiFi streaming, i.e. transferring image and video data from a VR computer game over your home network directly to the virtual reality glasses.

VR application Virtual desktop It already offers such a function, but only with a side-loading turn (Instructions). The official solution will definitely be easier to set up and might offer a better VR experience than a really good Virtual Desktop (help).

It has long been known that Facebook is working on a wireless version of Oculus Link. At the end of 2020, XR President Andrew Bosworth described WiFi broadcasting as a “safe target”, but the official announcement with an approximate release date is still pending.

Lokales Multi-Quest-Tracking

As the Oculus Quest spreads, it becomes more likely that your friends will also have an Oculus Quest or that the family will use multiple questions. Glasses can be searched Locate each other in the same roomWhich made new multiplayer games possible. This is exactly what Multi-Quest-Tracking will offer.

Facebook demonstrated multitasking for the first time in 2018 using the example of a mixed reality arena where multiple players can compete against each other and use physical objects as cover.

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Amazingly, there is still a long time left on the official interface. The latest indication of upcoming tech support came in the form of an update code in Summer 2020.

Support 120 Hz

Update 23 brought Oculus Quest 2 users (all info) full support for 90Hz refresh rates: by default in system apps and also in VR apps that have been optimized to increase the refresh rate.

In late 2020, Oculus engineer John Carmack explained The Quest 2 screen has not yet exhausted its potential. In a tweet, he turned to the developers and wrote: “Don’t take 90Hz as standard, otherwise your VR app will perform poorly if we provide support for 120Hz.”

Basically, the higher the refresh rate, the better the VR viewing and gaming experience. Due to the additional requirements placed on the Quest chip, only graphics-intensive, simple-to-use, and competitive VR games, such as Beat Saber, should be able to take advantage of 120Hz mode.

Read more about Oculus Quest 2:

Order Oculus Quest 2 from Germany

Oculus Quest 2 is not currently sold in Germany. It is not known how long this sales ban will last.

On Amazon France, you can purchase Oculus Quest 2 as normal. HintRight-click on the website and select “Translate”.

Oculus Quest – 64GB | Oculus Quest – 256 GB

Noticeable: You can order from Amazon France using your German account. The virtual reality glasses support German in the menus. Regional blocking on Facebook is currently inactive – Quest 2 is working as usual. Amazon France delivers within a few days, and some devices even ship from warehouses in Germany.

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