Masks, T-shirts and other items bearing Hitler’s face for sale online: The e-commerce site is closed

Appear on your Products and tools depicting Adolf Hitler Anti-Semitic expressions for sale as if it is only natural to benefit from hatred, racism, and the worst pages in human history. Upon detection, the site is temporarily closed and an investigation is underway to determine whether it was a cyber attack by hackers, or The advertising ploy tastes bad.

The pun, for non-English speakers, is as follows: the authors of the terrible catalog of anti-Semitic things took their cues from the well-known fast-food chain KFC – Kentucky Fried Chicken (literally “Kentucky Fried Chicken”), and turned it into Fried Kentucky Jews: “Fried Jews”, He praised this for the fearful and criminal genocide of Adolf Hitler and his treacherous followers.

It appears that the Nazi Führer “accompanied” this massacre, As Colonel Sanders, the avatar of the well-known fast food chain. Soon the internet world rose up against BapUp in New York, where pro-Nazi products were being sold. From masks to cellphone covers, from umbrellas to sweaters and other clothingAvailable in various colors – wide variety of annoying and unacceptable products.

The US newspaper TMZ tried to contact the administrators of the now inaccessible site for explanations. But for now, no one has responded.

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